Commercial Customers

Paul’s Mowing Home and Garden Services – Commercial Customers

This Paul’s Mowing service is designed for Commercial Customers.

Whether your a small business with a small entry garden bed or a larger facility like like a university reliable and high quality garden maintenance will be important to you.

A full lawn and garden care service is tailored to meet your needs on a regular or once off basis.

Paul’s Mowing as business owners understand that customer service and presentation are key’s to succeeding in business. We would be more than happy to develop a full lawn and garden care service that is tailored to meet your needs:

Lawn Mowing: The best possible professional finish for your lawn including edging.
Gardening Care and Maintenance: weed and pest control, irrigation system repairs, drought tolerant gardens, trimming and hedging, mulching, lawn restoration and repair, and general garden clean up.
Rubbish Removal: We do all the work and includes both hard and green waste and is a cost effective solution for your clean up needs.

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Paul’s Mowing Home and Garden services is currently operating in the following Adelaide areas;

Bellevue Heights
Clovelly Park
Mitchell Park
Seacombe Gardens
Oaklands Park
Melrose Park

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