DVA hhs

Department of Veterans Affairs DVA – household services (hhs)

DVA household support
Paul’s Mowing Home and Garden services can provide household services (hhs) to approved Veterans under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-related Claims) Act 1988 (DRCA) or under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA).

If you are an approved Veteran or a third-party organisation arranging services on behalf of a Veteran under the DVA household services (hhs) then we have you covered.

DVA Household Services hhs

Household Services we provide

We can cover most to all services under the DVA hhs including;



Lawn Mowing

Gutter cleaning

Window cleaning

plus more

Direct invoicing to DVA
Provided the Veteran is approved we can invoice DVA directly taking the hassle out of the process for the Veteran also removing the upfront cost of the service the Veteran.
DVA has long waiting times to pay invoices for service providers or reimbursement to the veteran, very specific requirements for invoice styles and submission of invoices.
Don’t worry we are used to the process and wont hassle you about it, our preference is to invoice DVA directly.

Working with third parties
To get the ball rolling on the DVA household services there are usually multiple parties involved in the process such as the Veteran, DVA, Occupational Therapist, third party organisations and us the service provider. Paul’s Mowing Home and Garden services is used to working with such third parties and realises that such services need to have a team effort to achieve the outcome the services are meant to provide. We always leave lines of communication open to all third parties involved in the process.

Paul’s Defence Background
Paul is an ex member of the Australian Regular ARMY and has also served in the reserve and standby ARMY reserves over a 9-year period. Because Paul has a background in defence, we have a high understanding of the demands put on Veterans, a lot of insider knowledge that the general public does not and a non-judgemental approach to dealing with Veterans that other service providers cannot offer.

Related Qualifications
Paul currently holds a certificate 3 in Aged care and a certificate 3 in disability and has completed training (Military Families: the impact of defence force service upon partners and children) through the Black dog Institute and medcast.

All persons providing DVA Household Services (hhs) through Paul’s Mowing Home and Garden Services have the following checks
Working with venerable people – criminal history check
DCIS clearance

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